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Owner and Founder @ 7 Apps
July 21, 1976

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7/Apps owner and founder, Juan Fernandez, develops iPhone apps and enterprise applications.

Juan started his career as a graphic artist and photographer, working with Nike and Disney Imagineering, where he went on to work as an art director for two years.

He then joined Walt Disney Feature Animation, where he spent the five years supporting their Mac and PC desktops, Unix and Mac OS X Servers and storage. He also worked with multiple creative and movie production related technologies, earning him feature film credits in Walt Disney's "Brother Bear" and "Lilo & Stitch."

From Disney, Juan joined Apple and spent seven years helping shape Apple's Enterprise business across the southeast region. During this time, Juan architected and saw through to fruition hundreds of Enterprise, Creative, Broadcast, Post Production and Publishing solutions for a large majority of Apple's Direct Fortune 1000 customers.

Juan's last four years at Apple were spent as the Sr. Systems Engineer with the Apple Enterprise Hospitality Group, where Juan built up that vertical for Apple managing third-party relationships, guiding product direction and landing several major account wins. Most notably, Juan spearheaded an in-room entertainment solution for Celebrity Cruises' three newest ships and a 1500 unit in-room compendium solution for the remodeled Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

After a great career at Disney and Apple, Juan ventured out on the entrepreneurial road and founded 7 Apps. Never leaving well enough alone and always pushing creative and technical boundaries, Juan now leads a team of talented creators and developers building some of the world's best mobile apps both for his own company, 7 Apps, and for hire.

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