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General Partner at Northzone

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As a Venture Capitalist, you may of course make the odd mistake, but loosing money or opportunities from sheer lack of trying can never ever be tolerated, says J�rgen Bladh and smiles.

The energetic J�rgen�s decision to join Northzone in early 2000 marked the beginning of our highly successful presence in Sweden. One could rightly claim that J�rgen fits the Northzone bill perfectly: His background includes co-founding and building two companies (eLearning start-up AcadeMedia and the high-speed Internet access company Thalamus Networks), both which was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, management and ownership of a small engineering company during a challenging turnaround process, and Management Consultancy at McKinsey & Co.

Those who have met J�rgen in negotiations often bear witness to his relentless attention to, and memory for, important details. However, nothing less is to be expected from a man who is able to discuss the finer details and strategies of virtually any football team of importance (and actually, a few of very little overall impact) since the early seventies.

J�rgen holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Link�ping, Sweden, and an MBA from MIT Sloan School in Boston (1991).

J�rgen serves as Chairman of the Board of Envox, and as Director in Xcerion, Norstel and Edvantage Group. Privately, he also holds an investment in one of Sweden's leading Football Magazines.

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