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CEO and Founder at Knewton

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Knewton CEO Jose Ferreira was formerly an executive at Kaplan, Inc., where he designed their first learning systems that generated a unique study plan for each student. He invented Kaplan’s Preview/Classroom/Review course architecture, and, in 1995, led a company-wide re-engineering effort that designed the courses used today. He is the only person whose strategies the Educational Testing Service (ETS) admitted “broke the code” on question types, forcing them to discard hundreds of thousands of test booklets. He also reverse-engineered the security and scoring algorithms on computerized testing, compelling the test-makers to pull the test for months of massive revisions, and earning the moniker “The Antichrist” inside ETS.

Jose spent 16 years thinking about and designing Knewton before he launched the company in 2008. Knewton hosts any 3rd-party education content, using network effects to provide atomic-concept-level adaptive learning to students and reporting to teachers and parents.

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