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CEO at Ivy Softworks
Lehigh University
February 1, 1978

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Jordan is an accomplished software architect and technical entrepreneur.

In 1999 Jordan co-founded the original Napster, developing the technology with Shawn Fanning before the company was officially funded in August. Until his departure in November of 2000, Jordan primarily served as Chief Server Architect and was responsible for the server backend software and infrastructure, helping lead the technology to support 60 million users worldwide in less than a year.

In 2001 Jordan co-founded Cloudmark with Vipul Ved Prakash, building the world's first commercial machine-learning, reputation-based anti-spam platform, which today protects about 13% of all email inboxes on the Internet.

In 2006 Jordan left Cloudmark to join Columbia Music Entertainment as CTO, responsible for streamlining the label's existing internal infrastructure while building a new platform and business model for identifying, developing and distributing musical talent.

In 2008 Jordan invested in and was a technical advisor to startup Zivity, and joined as CTO in May when the company began a search for a new CEO. He left in December once the transition process was complete.

In 2009 Jordan became a co-founder and CTO at CloudCrowd, a labor-as-a-service platform which breaks large projects into small tasks and distributes them to an online workforce of more than 40,000 registered workers. Clients range from start-up technology companies, to e-commerce retailers, to the Fortune 500.

Jordan is also a regular open-source contributor, having authored free software commonly included in modern Linux distributions as well as Windows software licensed by Microsoft. His research has been featured in various publications and books as well as at several universities where his research became part of their curricula. His works have won numerous nominations and awards spanning across Comdex, DEMO, SIIA, PC World, PC Magazine, and WIRED. Jordan speaks at technology conferences around the world on topics including computer security, spam, and the music industry.

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