Jordan Combe is a man of family, a lover of Mexican food, a dog enthusiast and a skilled business strategist. His passion is unchanged from field to field and he channels all of his energy into whatever pursuit he puts his mind to, be it raising his 12 and 16 years old children or making piles of money for small and medium sized businesses. Known in London pubs as the miracle worker, Jordan Combe is savvy at saving businesses from bankruptcy and financial strife by using one simple tool: strategy.

A miracle worker in the making

Jordan Combe moved from Dover to London in the 1980s to pursue undergraduate studies in accounting. His first job out in the field was at a young, but already highly successful, company where he served as a clerk in the accounting department. As a bright and talented young financial whiz, Jordan Combe worked his way up the corporate ladder over the course of the next decade. He did not stay... See More