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Founder at The Separated Child Foundation
4 Investments in 3 Companies

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Jonty is the designer of Wonga's interface and ground-breaking technology. As of November 2011 he moved on from his role at Wonga to pursue his art.

Jonty started his career at Global Asset Management and spent 2 years designing reporting systems to allow complex financial instruments to be visually analysed.

In 1996 Jonty founded his first company, Delve, with a team of inspiring young developers and artists. Delve grew to become one of the worlds leading financial analysis platforms. In 2005 this business was acquired by Statpro PLC, leading on to Statpro's launch of Revolution in 2009.

Jonty is a mathematical sculptor and artist. His works can be seen at

Jonty is also one of the founders of the Separated Child Foundation ( which was established in 2007 to help young refugees arriving in the UK.

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