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CEO, Co-Founder at ZEGO
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After 7 tech startups over 20 years and 5 acquisitions, Jonathan Shambroom is following his passion for nutrition and healthy lifestyle with his own startup, ZEGO.

He is a seasoned executive with over 20 years experience introducing new consumer entertainment and social media services that define new categories and are viral in nature: Adventure Discovery, Social Networks, online video, online invitations, online calendaring and video games. He is a General Manager and Product leader for both shrink-wrapped and online services. He is Passionate about building great products, hiring and managing teams, and setting strategic leadership. His product success has lead to company acquisitions on 5 occasions: Mattel / The Learning Company (PF.Magic), AOL (, IAC / CitySearch Ticketmaster (, Sony Entertainment (Grouper / Crackle), Glam Media (Ning). A serial entrepreneur and veteran of 7 startups total, ranging from 1 to 4 years each.

His Specialties: Strategy, P&L, product development process, product management, hiring, team building, managing operations, managing creatives, hands-on production, data and stats analysis, rapid iterative testing, R&D, corporate acquisition integration.

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