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Managing Director - ANZ at Ooyala
Deakin University

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John has been in the IT industry in Senior roles since joining Barson Computers in 1986. He moved quickly to Microsoft where he made his mark in initiating the Education Business across Higher Education in Australia.

Moving to General Management in the European HQ for Microsoft gave him an excellent understanding of working with different countries and cultures, returning to an Asia Pacific Role in early 90's. A true passion was Corporate Culture leadership at Microsoft and at Macromedia where he helped develop Team and individual performance.

Moving to Allaire, Macromedia and Adobe with Country Management roles leading back to the Eduction Vertical where the growth was aggressive across Macromedia and Adobe. Challenge was to develop the business to a level where it was recognised within the Company to a level of a true vertical. Driven with a passion, development of a culture of sharing and support lead to Adobe Education in APAC being the strongest revenue department in Adobe worldwide in 2009. Following this success and with a desire to find the best start-up in the most exciting web technology, John left Adobe and now is building the team for Ooyala in Australia/New Zealand and later across South East Asia.

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