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Having worked for Nortel - a telecommunications multinational for the past 10 years I decided it was time to venture on my own and so I have taken the path - the way of the entrepreneur ...with a few years of retraining I setup Active Mind in 2004 – a clinic designed to help people establish both personal and professional excellence in life and work. I started to specialize in sports performance and over the last few years have worked with teams competing at a European level all the way to the club level and the individual. All sports with huge success. Active Mind Technology Inc was born from my background in sports and technology. We are developing a digital destination which captures real world data and visualises that data in an online digital destination. Our first application is Golf. Our wearable technology captures a player’s entire game of golf without any input from the player while playing – after your game all your information is sent to the cloud where you can map out your entire game and your improvement overtime. It shows you a visualization of your game and has many collaborative features. Our objective is to become a world leader in performance improvement systems for the sports you play. We are doing this by developing innovative, engaging fun systems that tap into collaboration and allow the golfer to get better quicker by having fun – independent of location.

Specialties: I excel at getting access to those hard to reach people and once there creating win win scenarios. I influence with the honesty of hard work and I am willing to do what most people are not. My strengths are in seeing what most people are blind too, creating opportunities and getting it done.

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Founder, President & CEO

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