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Co-founder and CTO at 140 Proof

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A startup founder and experience designer, John Manoogian III is co-founder and CTO at 140 Proof, a social technology startup powered by the Blended Interest Graph. 140 Proof is backed by venture capital from Founders Fund, SV Angel, and BlueRun Ventures.

While studying computer science, cryptography, and linguistics at the University of Michigan, John worked for the university, honing his nerd skills while helping grad students print resumes. In 1999 he joined Organic Inc, home of the Apache server project, and assembled a world-class team of web application developers hidden in the sleepy suburbs of Detroit. He helped launch the first web apps for Daimler, Dominos Pizza, and Symantec, growing Organic Inc's business at a rate of $100+ million in revenue annually to eventual IPO (NASDAQ: OGNC). While at Organic, John worked nights inventing social bookmarking as CTO of link-sharing startup Feed Me Links with 15,000 users (organic growth).

In 2007, John moved to California to found something new. As founder & CTO of 140 Proof, the monetization API for apps, John led the company through several crucial startup pivots and developed its core Relevance API product, designed its central campaign allocator product, and launched 140 Proof's Tumblr- and Pinterest-enabled ad products. On the business side, John helped raise VC funding, created the 140 Proof brand, and jump-started the company's first $1 million dollar sales pipeline.

John teaches the "Design Hacks" course for engineers at General Assembly and responds to tweets as @jm3 on Twitter.

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