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Founder and Chairman @ Fuhu

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Lap Shun (John) Hui has more than 20 years of experience in the technology, computer and computer-related businesses. Mr. Hui has built and sold a number of tech-related operations and continues to acquire, build and sell various organizations today.

Mr. Hui’s first major undertaking was as the 100% owner and operator of KDS USA. He acquired this company in 1995 and later sold this entity during 2002. KDS USA was a distributor of monitors, notebooks and related products. In 2001, it booked more than $400 million in annual revenues. At the same time as operating KDS USA, Mr. Hui was a principal founder of eMachines, Inc. during the mid 1990s. Mr. Hui recognized the strong potential for the sub-$1000 PC market in the US, and personally lent his credit and retail relationships on behalf of the start up company. The company went public on the NASDAQ exchange during March 2000. Mr. Hui participated as a founder and director of this company until December 2001, when he took the company private in a transaction valued at $152 million. Following this, Mr. Hui was key in further developing the company’s strategic and supply relationships. eMachines was successfully sold to Gateway, Inc. during February 2004 for cash and stock consideration in excess of $230 million. At that time, eMachines was tracking at more than $1.0 billion in revenues and run one of the most profitable, efficient PC organizations in the industry. Following this venture, during 2006, Mr. Hui acquired Packard Bell BV, a European computer distributor. Mr. Hui later sold eMachines, Gateway and Packard Bell to Acer Inc. In 2009, Mr. Hui acquired InFocus, a digital display technology company.

In addition to his background in the PC and related peripherals industries, Mr. Hui oversees various investments in the data storage, telecommunications and related areas. Mr. Hui is a US citizen and has lived in this country since 1973. He has BS and MBA degrees and is a certified internal auditor. He was a former Citicorp resident inspector (internal audit).

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