Person Overview

Director of Ad Operations at Drawbridge
Director, Media Operations at Quantcast, Director of Delivery at Specific Media
Oklahoma State University–Stillwater

Detailed Description


Veteran professional with strong analytical skills and a proven track record in online advertising. Research, analyze and evaluate trends and market data, identifying key factors to meet/exceed comprehensive marketing goals.

Accomplishments: • Lead scalable online advertising targeting company, grow revenue by 40X in 18 month (Quantcast) • Manage $50M annual online campaign delivery and optimization for major Fortune 500 clients (Specific Media Inc) • Lead cross-functional team to meet/exceed client's marketing needs (SM) • Built media operation for CPA division of agency. Grow media revenue to $5M (Gorilla Nation Media) • Turn around 50 campaigns 3 times in row in 2 months, growing revenue by 50% (GNM) • Launch and manage over 300 national branding campaigns for major studio film releases and blue-chip clients (GNM) • Help rebuild and test CPA optimization technology for major ad serving technology (GNM) Specialties

AD OPERATIONS: Startup Development, Creativity, Employee Management, Strategic Planning, Building Scalable Business;

INDUSTRY SPECIFIC: Online Display Advertising, Optimization, Real Time Bidding (RTB), Ad Exchanges (Right Media Exchange, Google ADEX 2.0, AdMeld, Rubicon), Performance at Scale; Real Time Looklikes (LALs), Ad Networks, Video Advertising

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