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Founder, Chairman & VP Product Development @ PayScale
Whitman College

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Joe Giordano founded PayScale in 2000, with twenty years of experience in designing technology and managing its development. Prior to establishing PayScale, Mr. Giordano served as Director of Program Management at where he led website development and helped to rapidly grow the company from inception into the leading online drugstore. Earlier in his career, he served as Director of Product Development at InfoGear Technology Corporation (acquired by Cisco) where he led project design and development for the iPhone Internet appliance, which won various industry awards such as Internet World's Best of Show and was awarded a U.S. Patent for user interface design. A Microsoft veteran, Mr. Giordano also led the design and the development of initial versions of the award-winning Microsoft Works product during the 1990s, and he later became the program management lead for the original version of The Microsoft Network (MSN), Microsoft's first online endeavor. He holds various user interface and technology design patents, served on the board of directors of iSyndicate, Inc. (now YellowBrix), and serves on the board of advisors of several other Internet companies. Mr. Giordano has a graduate degree in Music Composition from Whitman College.

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    Founder, Chairman & VP Product Development

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