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Joanna Rees is running for Mayor of San Francisco in the 2011 election.

With a beginning investment of $50,000 cobbled together from savings and personal debt, Joanna formed Venture Strategy Group together with a partner (later renamed VSP Capital). Within four years, they built a $200 million fund.

Joanna's business was based simply on identifying smart entrepreneurs with great ideas and making them happen. Investing in and advising early-stage best-of-breed innovative ideas, VSP helped build more than 60 Bay Area companies, moving innovative concepts from the drawing board, through the research, planning, and financing stages, and establishing dozens of solid, sustainable companies with long-term value. Over fourteen years, VSP weathered the collapse and helped start firms in a diverse range of industries including technology, retailing, consumer products, wireless networking, cognitive learning software, and financial services for the unbanked. VSP companies have created thousands of jobs across the Bay Area.


Joanna Rees is Chief Fonera of FON USA and president of the US Advisory Board. Joanna began her career at DMB&B and is the founder of VSP Capital. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of Posit Science, Sabrix, AccountNow, Danger, QuinStreet, The Threshold Group and the Board of Directors of the NVCA.

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