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Founder & CEO @ K Cube Ventures

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Jimmy Rim is founder & CEO of K Cube Ventures, a reputable early stage VC based in Seoul. During 8 years of his VC career, he successfully invested and undertook IPO of four companeis, including KINX (KOSDAQ) and SundayToz, the famous game developer that created 'Anipang'. Also, he invested in Lotiple, which was acquired by Kakao within four months.

Jimmy is recognized as a venture capitalist who understands entrepreneurs the best and as someone who actively supports them. He is usually called as 'Startup's best friend' in Korea. Before he became a venture capitalist, he worked for The Boston Consulting Group as a consultant in M&A and management strategy for conglomerates, and also developed insight into the internet and mobile industries by working for NHN as staff member at corporate strategy office. Jimmy holds an engineering degree from KAIST.

K Cube Ventures manages two early stage funds, K Cube Venture Fund (USD 11M) and Kakao Venture Fund (USD 30M), and has a number of star portfolios including Fincon (mobile game developer that was recognized as world top 10), Frograms, Wishlink, Neptune, Vinlge etc.

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