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Co-Founder & President at Adaptive Path
University of Florida

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Jesse James Garrett, co-founder and president of Adaptive Path, is one of the world's most widely recognized technology product designers. At Adaptive Path, Jesse supports the company's designers and strategists with creative guidance and helps them advance the company's thought leadership position. Professional Background

Every day, product designers around the world depend on Jesse's tools and concepts, which have been published in more than a dozen languages. His book, The Elements of User Experience, has been called "brilliant" and "essential" and is considered one of the seminal works on user-centered design. Jesse is a frequent keynote speaker addressing audiences around the world on product design, user experience, and innovation. His writings on these topics have appeared in numerous publications.

In 2005, Jesse gained worldwide attention for coining the term Ajax and defining the concepts behind this emerging trend in Web technology. Since then, Ajax has become one of the driving forces in Web product design, and Jesse's leadership role in this trend has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek.

Jesse is the recipient of WIRED Magazine's 2006 Rave Award for Technology. He has been named one of the "50 Most Important People on the Web" by PC World magazine, one of the "Top 100 Most Influential People in IT" by eWeek magazine, and one of the top 100 technology industry leaders by Software Development Times magazine.

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