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Jeffrey Hyman makes pixels do things. Forbidden things. Things pixels should never do.

In 2000 I founded the interactive advertising agency COG1.

Luckily, at the time, I was dumb enough to believe a kid who only worked on the client side of the ad world could start an agency of his own.

Ten years later I should say; "luckily, I was lucky enough". Not only did I make it work, but I garnered: 4 shelves worth of awards, a client list that would make any agency proud, and 40 consecutive quarters of profitability.

Technology, design, storytelling, film, print, and animation. These are the crafts I used to create entertaining and engaging advertising campaigns.

Clients include: CBS, MTV, and HBO. I even had the chance to work with a few companies that had more than 3 letters in their names. At the bottom of my profile you can find a not so brief listing of some of the accounts I won and worked with at COG1.


In 2007, I wrote and sold a show to MTV. The show (which made The Jersey Shore look like Downton Abbey) never aired, and let me assure you ... the world is a better place because of it. The show was optioned by Renegade 83 and produced for MTV. Credits were: Creator & Executive Producer.


In November of 2009, I was offered the opportunity to co-found a new venture backed company alongside Silicon Valley legend Rick Thompson. I thought after 11 years, and 40 consecutive quarters of growth & profitability … this was as good of time as any to sell COG1. So I did.

Bringing synchronous, massive multiplayer gameplay to social and mobile while throwing in amazing technology, art, animation and production values.

Our games, art and technology has been honored at the following award shows: Game Developers Conference, Tech Crunch Disrupt, The One Show Entertainment.

Additionally we've received gobs of critical praise with outstanding reviews from: Forbes, AOL, Gamezebo, The Onion, and Yahoo to name a few.

At launch, our first casino game Fresh Deck Poker reached #1 in 38 countries. In the 3 months since launch, Fresh Deck Poker has beaten all but 2 of it's competitors to become the #3 poker game on iOS.

This accomplishment is made all the more impressive considering our competitors' products have been in the market for 3+ years. The App has resonated and been very well received by the consumer receiving 4.7 stars on Android and 4.5 stars on iOS. Finally and of course most importantly, since launch, Fresh Deck Poker has consistently been in iTunes' Top 100 Grossing Game & Apps charts across 57 countries.

Finally, the good news is apparently I don't suck. Here's a few of the places I've received awards and honors:

GDC Online Awards TechCrunch Disrupt 2x One Show One Show Entertainment 2x Cannes Cyber Lions 2x CLIOs 8x National ADDYs Best of Division ADDY Adweek Magazines Icon Award Adweek & Brandweek Magazines MIXX Award NYC Advertising Festival 2x AD:Tech