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Jaynie Studenmund is a former President and CEO of eHarmony whose tenure there lasted February 1 to March 31, 2006. She had prior held a seat on eHarmony's board since August of 2005, and retained the seat upon voluntarily stepping down.

From January 2000 to January 2001, Studenmund served as the President and COO of until its sale to Paytrust, Inc. She then served as COO for Overture Services Inc. until 2004, during which time the company's revenue grew from $100 million to $1.2 billion with 10 straight quarters of positive profit. Overture was acquired by Yahoo, its biggest customer, for $1.7 billion during her tenure as COO.

Studenmund has been a board member for Countrywise Bank, aQuantive Inc., Western Asset, and Forest Lawn. Jana Partners has also speculated that it would like to overtake CNET Netowrks by installing Studenmund and other members on its board. It has also been speculated that Studenmund is one of the likely nominees for Yahoo's new board of directors proposed by Microsoft.