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Venture Partner at Tigerlabs
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Jason Glickman is an internet advertising veteran with a focus on emerging interactive technologies. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tremor Media, the worldwide leader in online video advertising. Under Jason’s leadership, Tremor Media operates the largest online video ad network controlling more than 1 billion streams per month and has created Acudeo®, the market leading video advertising technology platform.

Jason started the company in 2005 based on his vision that the television media landscape, in place for the last 50 years, was about to change and that online video would be the driving force behind a massive shift of budgets. That vision has become a reality, and Jason has been at the public forefront of the shift while leading his company through a period of enormous growth.

Prior to this position, Jason was the co-founder of ContextualNet, Inc., a leading online media company focused on page-level targeting including contextual and behavioral placements. In this role, he was responsible for building strategic partnerships and managing the national sales team before orchestrating the company’s successful sale.

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