Irwin Gotlieb is the Global CEO of GroupM, the leading global media investment management company.

Irwin started his journey to becoming one of the most powerful men in Advertising and Media history in 1972 when he joined SSC&B, Inc as the Manager of Network Relations before moving to Benton & Bowles in 1977. At Benton & Bowles, Irwin started as the Associate Director of Broadcast Programming. This, however, didn’t last long as through Irwin’s determination, work ethic and successes he was quickly promoted to Vice President of Benton & Bowles within just 2 months.

His success continued at Benton & Bowles and in 1981 he was promoted to the Manager of National Broadcast and then in 1983 he was appointed as the Senior Vice President, Director of National Broadcast and Programming. Irwin continued in this role until 1990 when he was promoted to Senior Vice President Worldwide Director of... See More