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Sr Web Architect @ SendGrid
St. Lawrence College, Ontario
May 12, 1974

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Ian is a self-professed "serial startup employee" who enjoys the vibe of small companies and working on scale solutions.

He's currently employed at SendGrid Inc, an Email deliverability leader based in Boulder, CO. His first two years with the company were in Anaheim, CA and the summer of 2013 saw a relocation to SendGrid's Denver, CO office where he continues to work as a Sr Web Architect.

He brings a great deal of programming experience, including Perl (1997-20011), PHP (1998-2013), MySQL (1997-2013), Python (2009-2013) and tinkers with Ruby (2012-2013). He loves open-source, is a hard-core Android fanboy and loves the idea of Linux-on-the-desktop. He's often tinkering with new technology in his off-hours. He loves mentoring (especially tiny startups), teaching about Agile, public speaking, and revamping the archaic technical interview process.

Prior to SendGrid, Ian worked on the user platform of Armor Games including API development, front-end development, devops work, and on his off time, community manager. He helped develop some Python-based tools for managing the company's AWS infrastructure to ease deployments, and a customized full-text search solution in Postgres.

Ian worked at The Rubicon Project from 2009 to 2010 where he built a custom map-reduce data aggregation system which scaled horizontally by introducing hardware and configuring its data source. 3 years after leaving Rubicon, Ian was informed that his 4-system cluster had scaled to over 80 servers with nearly zero code change and recently processed its 5 trillionth piece of data. While the system wasn't quite real-time, it could process gigabytes of ad impression data into business data which drove other systems in under 20 minutes.

For 2.5 years before Rubicon, Ian worked as a freelance engineering consultant for various startups, corporations and small businesses to handle everything from Flash programming, devops work, custom programming, emergency notification systems, marketing for a major foreign auto brand, and lots of data aggregation. He also worked for several years at PriceGrabber, and a private online university building an education platform.

In 2000, when Ian moved to Los Angeles from Canada, he worked at a B2B platform processing credit reports, building and managing a data center and networking to the three federal credit bureaus. Part of the data center management was securing hardware and software against malicious attack and needed to pass a security audit from all three bureaus. 9 years after leaving the company, the security setups put in place continue to pass the annual audit review.

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