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Senior Vice President of Product Definition & Provisioning at T-Mobile

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Holger Knöpke, born in 1966, has been Senior Vice President of Product Definition & Provisioning at T-Mobile International, in Bonn since July 2007. He is a member of the Product Board of Deutsche Telekom Group and a member of the Marketing Board at T-Mobile International.

In his role Holger Knoepke is responsible for consistent state-of-the-art design and provisioning of products as well as enablers across T-Mobile International. Mr. Knoepke wants his customers to enjoy simple and effective communication - regardless of the underlying mobile technologies. For him, this means focusing on product simplicity, inspirational design, solution creativity and innovation. Besides, he believes in making T-Mobile's "web'n'walk" offer, surfing the World Wide Web via cell phone and enabling 3rd party applications, an integral part of mobile communications. The underlying technologies - innovative, new handheld devices, powerful and open software platforms, mobile broadband networks - are key to achieving this goal.

Prior to his current role Knoepke was a Director of Customer Marketing Operations & Analytics at T-Mobile US, in Bellevue and an Executive Vice President of Group Strategy at T-Mobile International, Bonn.

Before joining T-Mobile, Mr. Knoepke was a Vice President for Strategy Telecommunications Markets, focusing on both the mobile and fixed line business at Deutsche Telekom, Bonn.

Mr. Knoepke was also in the business of consulting in the communications, computer and media industry working for Booz Allen & Hamilton, in Düsseldorf/Frankfurt and he also held a Product Management position at Unilever in Hamburg.

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    Senior Vice President of Product Definition & Provisioning