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Co-Founder / CEO at rarebit

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Hampton Catlin is the inventor of Sass, Haml, Wikipedia Mobile, and Moovweb. He is also an advocate for gay rights in the technical community and co-wrote his book, The Pragmatic Guide to Sass, with his husband Michael Catlin.

Currently, he runs the Technology and Platform teams at Moovweb, where they he is building a cutting edge web platform for building amazing user experiences.

Previous to Moovweb, he worked at the Wikimedia Foundation where he lead the Wikipedia Mobile project from his initial prototype to one of the worlds most popular (and well loved) mobile interfaces.

He is also the inventor of several different technologies, most popular of which is Sass, the worlds first CSS pre-processor. Also, he invented an HTML markup language called Haml, that has influenced many other markup languages and continues to be well loved in the Ruby community.

He has also worked on several other iPhone and other mobile applications, especially Dictionary! (iPhone, Android, and WebOS) which is used by hundreds of millions of users.

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