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Guy is Co-Founder at Props, a startup that lets people show the world how awesome they are.

Props users get recognition from people around them about their skills and can show it off to the world. People define themselves by their strong-suits, using Props users can both give attribution to people that deserve it, and get respect for the things they are good at.

Prior to Props Guy was Chief Geek at Conduit, spending 7 years there since it was founded in 2004. He served in a variety of roles at Conduit, ranging from leading web development to Head Of Product where he was responsible for the creation and implementation of the Conduit product strategy.

As Conduit's Chief Geek, Malachi was Conduit's "geek" voice in the tech community and worked directly with journalists, analysts, customers, and developers to grow the understanding of Conduit technology, helping to leverage the Conduit Network, and to integrate new technologies into the Conduit Platform.

In 2007, Guy also co-founded InterMatch, the company behind the worlds first gated online dating site. Alpha, InterMatch's flagship site, is a high-end, gated dating site intended for executives and individuals from a similar socio-economic class. It is considered the leading dating site in Israel for like-minded individuals seeking love.

Before joining Conduit, he worked at Check Point Software Technologies as a software engineer, project manager, and web application expert. Guy has a BA in Computer Science from Tel Aviv-Jaffa College and an MEI in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the Swinburne University of Technology.

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