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Co-founder/CEO at G2 Crowd
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Godard is a proven entrepreneur and currently the co-founder and CEO of G2 Crowd, a "Yelp" for enterprise software.

Previously Godard founded BigMachines, a leading SaaS CPQ company, which he grew profitably from scratch to $50 million in revenue while building a global team of 250. BigMachines was recapitalized by Vista and JMI Equity in 2011 and subsequently sold to Oracle in 2013. Godard stepped down as CEO in 2011 and remained as a strategic adviser until 2012, when he started G2 Crowd.

Born in Germany, but raised and educated in the US at MIT and Stanford, Godard is an odd combination of a laid back German and determined, precise American engineer. While his coding skills are rusty, he once wrote a simulation program at MIT that ran on a Cray.

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