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Founder & CEO at CloudLock
Northeastern University
January 30, 1975

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Gil Zimmermann is the Founder and CEO of CloudLock, Inc. Gil founded CloudLock in 2008 along with two co-founders, Tsahy Shapsa, and Ron Zalkind. CloudLock provides enterprises class Cloud Data Security for organizations of any size that are looking to leverage the cloud (such as Google Apps) as their Cloud File Server, to gain all the benefits the cloud has to offer, without sacrificing on control and visibility for security and compliance.

Prior to founding CloudLock, Gil was an Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR) with Cedar Fund in Waltham, MA, and has had real jobs with companies such as EMC, Sun Microsystems, Backweb Technologies, Bezeq. Gil started his career in the software world as a MAMRAM graduate and software lead in the MI branch of the IDF.

In his spare time Gil runs the Boston branch of TechAviv, the world's largest organization of Israeli related entrepreneurs and startups that meet once a month to promote israeli startups and innovation.

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