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CIO & Director of Digital Strategy at Pearson

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In her role as CIO Genevieve oversees the strategy, architecture and implementation of all Pearson’s worldwide IT operations.

This includes the networks, systems and applications for processes from content creation through to ecommerce and every aspect of the digital value chain from rights and royalties to data and analysis.

She leads teams responsible for Pearson’s core software and enterprise systems, consumer-facing product technologies, hardware and networks, as well as those that identify, share and commercialize relevant new technologies and develop technology talent.

Genevieve joined Pearson in 2002 as Penguin's UK Sales Director. After taking on Group Sales in 2006 she then joined the Penguin Group Board in the role of Global Digital Director in 2007.

In 2009 she became the Director of Digital Strategy for Pearson globally and in 2010 added the Pearson Technology Division to her responsibilities.

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    CIO & Director of Digital Strategy