Update, (Print 240 Billion Facebook Photos!), is Fred's 7th startup.

Two were sold to Kodak/Qualex, one was an IPO and the others were sold to private investors. was started because of his concern that a whole generation of photo memories stored online and on other devices will be lost to future generations unless preserved as photo books, prints, cards, enlargements and other tangible products. The goal of MailPix is to keep costs low and pass savings along to consumers.

Using the latest easy-to-use web technology integrated with social media, he is passionate about introducing more people to the importance of “Turning Images into Memories.” When he couldn't find it elsewhere, he built it himself!

Fred is a past president of Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI) and serves on the board of the United Nations' International Photographic Counsel (IPC) where he is a Hall of Fame recipient.

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