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Florian builds systems and researches new algorithms. He currently works in research at Twitter. Before Twitter, he worked for Ning, Adknowledge and HeadCase where he wrote algorithms for distributed systems such as spam detection, collaborative filtering, ad-optimization, topic extraction.

Florian is a software engineer and applications developer with work experience in startups and large corporations with 10+ years of programming experience. He was co-founder of a Knaup Multimedia at age 16 in Germany. Lots of international experience. Experience in working with customers and in research focused environments.

Extensive work (both R&D and production environments) in distributed data structures, Hadoop (map/reduce) , algorithm design, predictive modeling, lexical semantics, ontology generation / ontology based distance metrics, clustering, recommendation engines.

Developed everything from mobile applications (performance critical) to large scale number crunching algorithms that run on hundreds of cores. Designed and implemented applications such as mobile payment systems, item-to-item recommendation algorithms, novel approach to guarantee fair bandwidth allocation (QoS using unused IP header flags), unstructured text to RDF converters (incl. scraping, segmenting, parsing, pos tagging, semantic analysis), ontology generation and visualization tools, visualization of raw satellite data from the sun - and a myriad of other projects and applications.

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