Primary Role
Founder at Dynamatik
March 26, 1990

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Faisal is a software engineer, author, teacher and entrepreneur.

From the hardcore server-side and database challenges to the the front end issues, Faisal loves solving problems and strive to create software that can make a difference.

Faisal an author published by Manning and O'Reilly and has also appeared in leading publications with articles on ColdFusion, Node.js, Android and Flex.

In his free time, he teaches Android or Node.js at workshops around the word and speaks at conferences such as OSCON, CodeMotion, FITC and AndroidTO.

Currently, Faisal is the founder of Dynamatik, a design and development agency in Toronto.

During the days Faisal is a Software Engineer at Kobo working on OS and app level features for Android tablets.

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