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Managing Director @ Sigma Partners
Florida Institute of Technology

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During his 15-year entrepreneurial career in the high-tech industry, Fahri repeatedly demonstrated his savvy in conceiving compelling value propositions and building high-tech organizations to successfully execute aggressive business plans. Having joined Sigma Partners in late 2006, Fahri applies his expertise by identifying strong entrepreneurs with good ideas to help build disruptive, market-leading companies.

Mr. Diner was the Founder, President, and CEO of Qtera Corporation, which he led to become the leading provider of ultra-long-haul photonic networking solutions. Nortel Networks acquired the company for $3.25 billion, and Mr. Diner continued to lead Qtera as President of the wholly-owned subsidiary until 2001. Before founding Qtera, Mr. Diner was a member of the executive team at Siemens, where he helped establish and manage the company’s Optical Networks business unit in North America, which was later spun off as Optisphere Networks.

Prior to joining Siemens, Mr. Diner led Pirelli’s pioneering activities in the optical amplifier and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) markets. The optical systems division of Pirelli was later acquired by Cisco Systems for $2.15 billion. Just prior to joining Sigma, Mr. Diner founded Concept Ventures in 2005 by acquiring a portion of the assets of Applied Materials Ventures in which he served as Managing Director.

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