Primary Role
CTO & Co-Founder at shopnfly

Person Details


Hands-on CTO for web and mobile initiatives, CTO of shopnfly

Over 15 years experience in software development
 Large software corporations (including Elbit, SAP) 
Startups (Kampyle VP R&D, including InSightec first developer) 
Valuable experience in building startup development teams
Wide-scale architectural point of view regarding vast knowledge bases
 Co-Founder of Kampyle - Backed by Carmel Ventures (Venture Capital) and Dr. Yossi Vardi (early stage angel investor)
 VP R&D - recruited and managed Kampyle development team
Built all infrastructure and product from 0 to 45,000 users

BSc in Computer Science from the Technion of Haifa

Specialties: Web-development: Building scalable products - PHP, Amazon cloud
Mobile: Objective C (iPhone)
Additional experience: Java ; J2EE ; Real-Time ; Embedded ; C++

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