Esteban Contreras is founder of Social Nerdia, a consultancy focused on the convergence of technology, marketing and social media.

Esteban serves as Director of Strategy for Sprinklr, a leader enterprise SRP (Social Relationship Platform) / SMMS (Social Media Management System) platform. Sprinklr was architected from the group up as an enterprise solution for big brands. Clients include Samsung, Dell, Virgin America, North Face, Castrol, PayPal and Cisco. Esteban leads Sprinklr strategy services and the creation of strategic new product initiatives such as Sprinklr's social media command center and data visualization solution.

Esteban advises early stage tech startups (ecommerce, mobile, social networking, videogame industries).

Esteban is the author of "Social State: Thoughts, Stats and Strories about the State of Social Media."... See More

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