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Senior Associate at Alsop Louie Partners
Stanford University

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Ernestine Fu is a senior associate and Kauffman Fellow. Although she had no idea what “entrepreneurship” meant before coming to Silicon Valley, she quickly succumbed to the tech scene and startup culture. She began to work for Alsop Louie Partners in March 2011, and led her first investment within two months of joining the firm.

Ernestine is passionate about public service. Ernestine authored the public service book Civic Work, Civic Lessons (2013) with Thomas Ehrlich, former dean of Stanford Law School and president of Indiana University. She founded a nonprofit organization to bring music to seniors, disabled people, and homeless families. She distributed corporate philanthropy dollars through State Farm Insurance, and is on the committee shaping a new leadership and service center at the Presidio in San Francisco. She now blogs about social entrepreneurship for Forbes.

Ernestine completed her bachelors and masters in engineering in three and half years at Stanford University. She published research on climate-critical resources and was recognized for the top honors thesis in engineering. She also received the Terman Engineering Scholastic Award and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Beta Pi.

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