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Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo!
University of Cambridge

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Elizabeth Churchill is a Principal Research Scientist and manager of the Internet Experiences Group at Yahoo! Research in Santa Clara, CA. She works in the area of media experience, her area of interest being social media.

At the highest level, she is interested in thinking about the emerging digital media "ethnoscapes -- the fluid, shifting landscape of people and groups - passersby, tourists, immigrants, exiles" that make internet life.

Following previous work in Japan, the US and the UK, she increasingly takes a centri-cultural approach - that is, being curious about the ways in which social technologies and social media are created, consumed, adopted and adapted in different (although sometimes overlapping) local and national cultures.

More concretely, her work continues threads that have been previously developed: mediated collaboration, mobile connectivity, transmedia technologies, digital archive and memory, and the development of emplaced media spaces. Most of these are elaborated in more detail in her written publications.

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