Primary Role
CEO at Apptopia

Person Details


Eli drives Apptopia’s overall strategic vision while overseeing all facets of the company’s operations. Eli originally started coding (Visual Basic) at the young age of 12, and his passion quickly grew into starting businesses. His first big success was a mobile app called GPush, which in 2009 was the 17th most paid for iOS app. It was his experience with GPush, and difficulty in selling what was a very profitable business, that led the concept behind Apptopia. Previously Eli served as the EIR at GreatPoint Ventures. Even before that he was involved in several startups, including: Oasys Water, GreatPoint Energy, and DVTel.

Eli served as a teaching assistant in information systems, while pursuing his B.S. in business administration, with a concentration in finance, at Boston University’s School of Management.

Eli considers himself a “survivor”. He is a strong believer in paying it forward, and will do everything in his power to help the people in his life. In his free time he organizes hackathons. Eli is powered by Whiskey, Chocolate, and Hummus.

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