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CTO/ Founder at RankAbove
Yeshiva University

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Eli is a recognized search engine optimization expert, having spoken at many search related events and published many articles on the subject. Eli is the visionary behind RankAbove’s Drive™ SEO technology and continues to innovate in the search and internet marketing fields. He holds a visionary leadership role in the SEO market and continues to develop exciting new features for Drive™.

Eli was formerly Director of Marketing for Didit. Eli was responsible for Didit's personal SEO and PPC efforts, and worked on search marketing (SEO & PPC) campaigns for a number of other A-list companies, including,,,, American Express, AT&T Mobile, Cingular, John Kerry for President 2004,, and more. Immediately before founding RankAbove, Eli was VP Marketing for Sunny Group, responsible for all North American online and offline marketing efforts.

Eli was recently a guest lecturer at the Bar Ilan MBA program.

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