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SVP & Co - Founder at Alibaba
Zhejiang University of Technology

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Eddie Wu is the Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group.

Eddie Wu is a Co - Founder of Alibaba Group and currently serves as a senior vice president, responsible for overseeing three business units, including mobile, instant messaging and client application development, and music.

Eddie has served in a variety of management roles since the company's inception, including Heading Technology Development Departments within,



China Yahoo!,

as well as leading Taobao's search advertising development department.

In May 2007, Eddie led a dedicated team to establish Alimama, an online advertising exchange, and served as its general manager before moving back to Taobao in September 2008, when the two businesses were merged.

Before taking on his current role in January 2013, he has been Senior Vice President of Technology at Taobao and president of eTao.

Prior to joining Alibaba Group, Eddie worked at China Pages, one of the first Internet-based directories in China, and later spearheaded the technology development for the website of China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC).

Eddie holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Zhejiang University of Technology.

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