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Director of Mobile Product at Microsoft
Senior Director Insight Strategy at Yahoo!, Manager, Research and Client Consulting at Blue Cross Blue Shield, See All (3)
University of Washington, Harvard Business School

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Ed specializes in connected experiences. He has experience designing and leading technology groups and initiatives across services, hardware, operating systems, applications, web, and mobile.

He currently leads the product planning and strategy for mobile search (including local, search, and maps), augmented reality, mobile wallet, and mobile social experiences for Microsoft. Previously, he lead Microsoft's planning efforts for graphics technologies, input technologies (e.g., touch, cameras, sensors), form factors (e.g., Surface), and ARM.

Prior to MSFT, he was responsible for Yahoo!'s customer insight consulting teams providing consulting and strategy for global enterprise initiatives and businesses including: Yahoo! Home Page, Yahoo! Search, Y! News, Y! Sports, Y! Finance, Y! Music, Y! Movies, Y! Video, Y! Games, Y! TV, Y! Local, Y! Maps, Y! Shopping, Y! Travel, Y! Autos, Y! Real Estate, Y! Health, Y! Personals, (Y!) Hot Jobs.

Ed has earned a doctorate degree as well as received specialized training at Harvard Business School and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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