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Founder & CEO at Ezoic
GM, Social at Adknowledge, Founder, CEO at Cubics

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Dwayne Lafleur is an entrepreneur, hands-on technologist, founder and CEO of venture-backed start up Ezoic Inc.

Previously, Dwayne founded Cubics, the first display ad network for Facebook app developers. The ad network was unique, because it used anonymous demographic data to target advertising to Facebook app users (and launched in 2007, prior to Facebook’s own ad targeting system). After selling Cubics to Adknowledge Inc in 2007, the social display division grew to serve more than 500 million ads per day. Dwayne continued to innovate within the company including spearheading the use of cloud computing architecture to handle the huge volume of ads being served within Facebook apps; becoming Amazon’s biggest AWS customer at the time. As founder and CEO of Ezoic, Dwayne has once again founded a business that is technically interesting, a first of its kind and can scale to a large online market. He is originally from Alberta, Canada and now lives with his family in San Diego, CA.

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