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Founder & Chief Technology Officer @ iJento

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Dr John Woods is the founder of iJento and serves as our Chief Technology Officer. John’s technical vision and software development lie at the heart of the iJento Datamart and iJento Intelligence tools. John founded the Company in 2000 as a web analytics specialist called Site Intelligence where his team developed the core technology platform that has now been extended for multichannel customer intelligence. Today, John continues to provide us with highly valuable insights, strategic thinking and a healthy dose of challenge to strengthen our R&D teams.

John is a serial technology entrepreneur and, at the age of 14, started his first software business developing games for the ZX81. He specializes in the web analytics, business intelligence and market research sectors and has led two companies through multiple rounds of angel and venture capital funding. Earlier in his career, John was Director of Product Management for Oxford Molecular, which is where he met our four co-founders. Throughout his career, John has been very hands on with software development and wrote software as part of his academic research into astrophysics.

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    Founder & Chief Technology Officer