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Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Corning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Dr. David Morse joined Corning in 1976 in glass research, and working as a composition scientist, developed and patented (alone and jointly) several major new products, including Photogray Extra, multi-focal photochromic glasses, high performance sheet and microsheet photochromics, SMILE microlenses, and Visions and Pyrex Non-Stick. This work led to 19 patents and more than 20 publications. In 1985, he was named senior research associate.

Morse was charged in 1985 with establishing the Optical Components Research Department, and in 1987 was named manager of Consumer Products Development. In 1990 he became director of Materials Research.

In 1992, he was named director of the Glass-Polymers Group and named core technology director, Glass Ceramics in 1995. He was named division vice president and technology director, Inorganic Materials Technology Group in March 1999, technology director of Electro-Optic Products, Photonic Technologies Division in December 2000; and division vice president and technology director of Amplification Products, Photonics Technologies Division in July 2001.

He was appointed to division vice president and director, Corporate Research, Science & Technology in December 2001; vice president and director, Corporate Research , Science & Technology in January 2003; and senior vice president and director Corporate Research in 2006. He was named to his current position in May 2012.

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