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Developer Advocate at Google
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Don Dodge is a veteran of five start-ups including Forte Software, AltaVista, Napster, Bowstreet, and Groove Networks. Don was recently Director of Business Development for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team. Don is now a Developer Advocate at Google helping developers build applications on Google platforms.

Don has been in the software business for more than 25 years. He started his software career with Digital Equipment, aka DEC, in the database group. He was part of the leadership team of five software start-ups. Forte Software was the first multiplatform object oriented development environment. AltaVista was the first search engine on the web. Napster was the first P2P file sharing network. Bowstreet was the first web services development environment. Groove Networks was the first secure P2P collaboration platform. Don spent 5 years at Microsoft as a developer evangelist to the startup community. Don is now a Developer Advocate at Google.

He writes a daily blog, Don Dodge on the Next Big Thing.

Don, a native New-Englander, holds an MBA from New Hampshire College and a BS in accounting from the University of Southern Maine.

Experience (11)

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    Developer Advocate
    Nov, 2009
  • 6835990abacfb4d14ecdbfc87641e469


    Director of Business Development
    Nov, 2004 - Nov 4, 2009
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    Groove Networks

    VP Product Management
    Sep, 2001 - Jan, 2004
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    VP Product Management
    2004 - Jan, 2004
  • Cb default image


    VP Product Marketing
    Nov, 2000 - Aug, 2001
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    VP Product Development
    Jan, 2000 - Oct, 2000
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    Director Engineering
    Jan, 1998 - Dec, 1999
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    Director Business Development
    1996 - Jan, 1997

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