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Scientific Systems Programmer at Bio-Rad Laboratories
Lead Engineer at doubleTwist, Senior Software Engineer at Varian Associates, See All (3)
Tufts University



Dirk DiGiorgio-Haag is a professional software engineer who's proud of the products he create. He work hard and can balance getting things done fast with getting them done right. He has fun writing elegant, simple, and powerful software and have a proven ability to get all of the details of a task just right, be it first and foremost coding, but also planning, documentation, tools, testing, or whatever it takes. As his career has progressed, he has also enjoyed taking on a leadership role, including both as a technical leader and as a mentor and teacher to junior engineers.

When needed, he can work alone, however he usually collaborate with engineers, management, QA, and marketing and have universally established good rapport with other team members. To make even the strongest teams work well you need the right software development processes and tools. He has worked using a variety of development processes and can shape... See More

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