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Co-founder, VP Biz Dev @ Wattbot
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January, 1983

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Diane is currently the co-founder of VP of Business Development for Wattbot - a startup that gives personalized energy recommendations to homeowners.

She recently co-produced FailCon, the first conference focused on learning from startup failures; organized West Coast Green's Innovation Pipeline, an exhibit for early-stage green building startups; and co-chaired the San Francisco Green Roof Task Force. Prior to her current Wattbot and conference production roles, she was a research assistant and recruiter for Intel Research Berkeley's Bright Green study. At Carnegie Mellon, she served as the project manager for the University's first and largest green roof project, was sustainable materials guru for their Solar Decathlon team, and designed/directed the university's first peer-to-peer environmental education program. Diane received her Bachelor's in Humanities and Arts in Architecture and Anthropology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2005, focusing on sustainable design.

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