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Chief Operating Officer at Dropbox
President, The Americas Operation and Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales and Operations at Google, Chief Executive Officer at Motorola Mobility, See All (4)
Stanford Law School, Cornell University



Dennis Woodside is chief executive officer of Motorola Mobility. After overseeing the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, he took on leadership of the company when the transaction was completed in May of 2012.

Prior to joining Motorola Mobility, Dennis was Google’s Vice President of Americas Operations, managing the company’s relationships with partners and advertising agencies. In the U.S. alone, Dennis and his team drove revenue from $10.8 billion to $17.5 billion in under three years. He also was the lead business partner for Google’s advertising product development team, helping launch new ad products globally.

Dennis started his career at Google in 2003 spearheading investment across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He was responsible for the overall go-to-market, product offering and acquisition strategies in these markets, which boasted a 20-fold increase during his tenure. Dennis also served as... See More

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