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Co-Founder at Reeli
University of California, Berkeley

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Demir Gjokaj (pronounced joke-eye) is an adventurer and entrepreneur based in Brooklyn, NY. At various turns a stock analyst, actor, policy wonk, and news pundit, Demir is first and foremost a storyteller. Demir graduated from UC Berkeley and found inspiration traveling the world, video-blogging his experiences for family and friends. Demir would go on to work as a policy advisor to the Governor of Hawaii, continuing to travel the world when possible. Innovating the use of data forensics in real estate analysis, Demir made his mark on Wall Street by creating the first real-time home price index. In that role, Demir also appeared as a frequent television personality, expressing his perspective on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox Business News. As the CEO of MONTAJ, Demir has returned to his roots and true passion for storytelling.

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