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Marketing Associate at WePay
Stanford University

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Passion for learning through experience propels me through my career path. That is what made me excited to attend classes with placement options in the community. It drove me to try marketing right out of college, with no background, but plenty of enthusiasm to learn. It is what drives me to take on big challenges such as working for a US Senator, estimating big global engineering projects, and co-founding a startup. I have learned a lot, and it shows with the quality of work I have produced, and my potential to do so much more.

I am able to learn quickly because of my enthusiasm for learning, my intuitive understanding (I can take the big picture and whittle it down to details and vice versa), my ability to problem solve quickly (I enjoy puzzles and brainteasers on a regular basis), and my persistence (I value logic and understanding, which compel me to reach my goals).

I am very much a generalist, but everyone I have worked with says I dive into the details and learn what is necessary to get the job done. I am proud of being a generalist and an operator because I can take a high level approach to scope out what needs to be done, then dive in immediately, understanding the fastest approach to reach the relevant goals at hand. I enjoyed my major in college because it was interdisciplinary in nature. I got an understanding of many fields, but really focused on policy and organization theory. It means I have a science background, but I can play nice with the "fuzzies". Many people flock to one camp or the other, but I choose to enjoy understanding both.

What do I want to do with my passion for learning and generalist background?

Figuring out my path to management, and eventually becoming the head of operations is appealing to me right now. However, the sky is really the limit. I believe, if we have the potential, then we can strive for higher and higher goals. I have the potential, and I am pursuing my goals by learning at every step of the way.

Specialties:Microsoft Professional Suite (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access), iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), Tableau, Marketo CRM, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM, HTML and CSS, Photoshop, Dale Carnegie Course Training, Negotiation, Mediation

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