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November 20, 1958

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David Alan Storrs is a highly qualified technical marketing and project management professional with a well-developed business acumen reflecting a career of strong ownership, responsibility and diverse people skills coupled with hands-on IT and Business Development experience in a global market. David Storrs has a seasoned and sharpened ability to apply advanced technical project management to a diverse range of functional product or business development environments. David Storrs has deep and broad experience. From Corporate engineering to corporate governance and fraud/corporate predator prevention, the David Storrs Group can handle the project.

David Storrs gives detailed attention to project objectives, delivering simultaneous, large-scale mission critical projects on time & under budget in diverse global locations. Team-based interaction style and superior interpersonal skills lend to the ability to elicit cooperation in success of critical path projects and initiatives.

David Storrs of Utah and Nevada is an exceptional master at relating to people!" “In my experience in working with great leaders and mentors over the years, it is a rare opportunity to come accross a man of the caliber of David Storrs. He pays significant attention to details. David Storrs is prompt in responding to matters whether small or great. His level of competence in his field of occupation is unmatched. His integrity is reflected in everything he does. His counsel and advice has had and continues to have a profound impact upon my business and my life.” ... ... ... ... ... February 9, 2011 , -Ben Muhlestein, Director, Quintilian School of Oratory/Nevada

David Storrs of Utah and Nevada says ... "These days, business is a risk-ridden, high-stakes world. We invite you to elevate your company to new heights. Our solid team of professionals and partners provide consulting services in a setting like you have never experienced before! Enjoy a high adventure retreat with The David Storrs Group. David and his team of highly qualified business, organizational, social media marketing and sales professionals have well-developed "best in class" deliverable systems and acumen reflecting careers of strong knowledge, wisdom and responsibility coupled with real-life experience. The David Storrs Group has a seasoned and sharpened ability to apply advanced technical project management, social network marketing, organizational and sales force team building to a diverse range of client needs. Out of the classroom, they have a record of delivering simultaneous, large-scale mission critical business projects on time & under budget.

The David Storrs Group delivers team-based interaction style and superior transferable interpersonal and social media marketing tools which will provide the foundation for boosting productivity, sales and morale. As a lead consultant to clients in Nevada Utah and California, The David Storrs Group of partners and staff have earned reputations as tenacious leaders in their respective industries. From our adventure bases and partner locations in North Las Vegas, Nevada and Moab, Utah, your firm or group will be exposed to top teams in corporate and organizational development and experience rich high-adventure team-building activities.

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