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Managing Director @ Mayfield Fund

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David Ladd is a Venture Partner at Mayfield Fund. With his deep engineering experience and networking expertise, David Ladd serves as Mayfield's communications & VoIP expert. David was an early engineer at ROLM Corporation. After eight years at ROLM, he co-founded voice messaging company Opcom/VMX, which grew to a $100 million publicly held company. In 1994, VMX merged with Octel Communications, and David became CTO. After Lucent Technologies acquired Octel in 1997, David joined Mayfield part-time while continuing to help Lucent form spin-out companies based on Bell Labs technology. David joined Mayfield full-time in May 1999. David holds a B.S. degree in Engineering Physics from U.C. Berkeley and an M.S. in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is an avid sailor and can be found frequently on his boat in the San Francisco Bay.

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    Jan, 2012 - Nov 28, 2012

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